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Are Your Candidates Wasting Your Time?

When you embark on recruitment for technical roles it should be pretty straightforward – you specify the technical skills they need and then interview the people who have those skills.  Wrong!

If you’ve ever been through this process you’ll know that what people say they can do doesn’t always turn out to be fact.  They may have ‘some knowledge’ of a technical discipline, but when it comes to the crunch, they aren’t good enough.  In our experience most companies interview dozens of people before finding one that is technically up to scratch and a good fit for their organisation.

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Planning for the Future

You know your technical staff can do the jobs they’ve been employed to do, but how do you build your future team and keep good staff from moving on to a ‘better’ job elsewhere?

Technical assessments have several applications apart from ensuring new hires have reasonable levels of the required skills.

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Are You an ASS?

If you’re interviewing technical staff you would expect that people who apply for the job are up to it.  However, it’s not unusual for a candidate to fall far short of the technical skills required for the job – and the employer doesn’t discover this until the interview.

As Samuel L. Jackson commented “Don’t assume; you only make an ASS out of U and ME.”  If you don’t want to be an ASS – check out your candidate’s competency in the required technical applications.

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