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Quality v. Quantity

When you are looking to fill a role in your organisation you want the right person in place.  The right skills, the right technical expertise and the right personality fit for your organisation’s culture and for the team the new employee will be working in.  It’s not an easy task to find that perfect match.

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Testing, Testing

When someone is trying to check their microphone is working, they often say ‘testing, testing’ – followed by a sigh of relief when their voice booms back at them. When someone is trying to ensure the people they are recruiting can meet the technical requirements of the role, it’s a bit more complicated!

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The world is your oyster

As technology spans the globe, technically qualified people come from almost every nationality.  As the majority of vacancies find their way online it’s likely that you could have applications from Australia to Zanzibar and every country in between!

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The Dilemma of Comparing Candidates

Most organisations expect to get at least half a dozen CVs to review when they’re recruiting for a technical vacancy.  Sometimes they get dozens!

Our clients don’t have that problem – simply because we carry out all the due diligence for them every candidate is skills matched, tested and pre-interviewed so they might get two or three – sometimes just one candidate who fits their job role.

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