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A Recruiter's Perspective

A member of the HR team for a technical company explains the challenges of recruiting technical staff.

Our HR team are all qualified professionals, but not technically qualified.  With a staff in the London office of around 250, the majority are techies – programmers, technical authors, testing, help desk and maintenance people.  The market for the type of programmers we recruit is very competitive and although we pay a reasonable salary, the draw of contracting in the finance sectors tempts many of our programmers away.

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  • Category: Case Study

Finding Round Pegs

Growing companies need the right staff with the right skills to help them to grow and deliver what their clients expect and want.

Finding people that fit not only technical skill requirements, but who also fit into the team well is always a challenge.  A good recruitment process is critical – but also time consuming and, often, costly too.

This is how we help our clients – reducing both time and cost of recruitment.

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