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The world is your oyster

As technology spans the globe, technically qualified people come from almost every nationality.  As the majority of vacancies find their way online it’s likely that you could have applications from Australia to Zanzibar and every country in between!

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The Dilemma of Comparing Candidates

Most organisations expect to get at least half a dozen CVs to review when they’re recruiting for a technical vacancy.  Sometimes they get dozens!

Our clients don’t have that problem – simply because we carry out all the due diligence for them every candidate is skills matched, tested and pre-interviewed so they might get two or three – sometimes just one candidate who fits their job role.

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Pain-killers for Recruiting Contract Staff

Fast growing technology-based businesses are always trying to balance staff requirements and cash flow; it’s a major headache.

You need staff to grow the business, but the last thing you need is someone sitting around waiting for the new business to appear. The problem is that, when that business does appear, the time it takes to find the right people can simply take too long to deliver what your new clients are expecting.

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When a Techie Resigns...

In an ideal world your best technical staff will stay with you through thick and thin – or at least until the end of a project, but often that isn’t the case and a key member of the team decides to move on.  This is the point where you have some choices to make:

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“Although Edison Hill placed me 4 years ago, they have kept an interest in my development and keep contact. They found me an excellent employer providing so many opportunities to improve my technology skills. They did a first rate job, for which I am very grateful.”
– Kevin Taylor, candidate