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Business needs Technology

Today the idea of running any business without technology is unbelievable.  In fact, if your technology doesn’t work for any reason the entire business can grind to a halt, we are so dependent on the internet and the software we use every day.

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Quality v. Quantity

When you are looking to fill a role in your organisation you want the right person in place.  The right skills, the right technical expertise and the right personality fit for your organisation’s culture and for the team the new employee will be working in.  It’s not an easy task to find that perfect match.

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"I quit!"

You’ve probably either heard about someone making an explosive resignation – or may even have seen it for yourself.  Unfortunately, the situation where you resign in haste doesn’t do any of the protagonists any good.

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“Although Edison Hill placed me 4 years ago, they have kept an interest in my development and keep contact. They found me an excellent employer providing so many opportunities to improve my technology skills. They did a first rate job, for which I am very grateful.”
– Kevin Taylor, candidate